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Tramadol is widely prescribed as an analgesic. But, do you know that it can also act as an effective off-label antidepressant and manage psychological disorders caused by long-term pain. These uses of Tramadol have always been underrated, but in today’s blog, we will discuss them on a broad scale. Please keep reading to understand the benefits of Tramadol for panic disorder.

What do you need to know about Tramadol?

Tramadol is a powerful opioid medication with antidepressant effects. It is a centrally-acting analgesic drug with an established pharmacological impact on the central nervous system and brain. In other simple terms, Tramadol is an opioid medication that affects the central nervous system to help you feel less pain.

Compared to other drugs in the opioid family, Tramadol has fewer adverse effects. This is why the United States Drug Enforcement Agency has labeled Tramadol as a schedule IV controlled substance. Since drugs like Xanax also belong to the same category, Tramadol is also known to prevent the symptoms of panic disorder.

In the United States, Tramadol is a prescription-based drug and is approved for limited medicinal purposes. However, one can buy Tramadol online even without a prescription when needed.

On-label uses of Tramadol.

As mentioned earlier, Tramadol is an opioid medication approved for limited medical purposes. You can take this medication for the following medicinal purposes;

  • Treatment of chronic pain
  • Treatment of acute pain
  • Treatment of opioid withdrawal symptoms
  • Treatment of cough and cold

This is not a complete list of uses of Tramadol. When prescribed, Tramadol can be taken for several other medicinal purposes. However, the use of Tramadol for panic disorder is not an on-label use.

Tramadol for Panic Disorder

Off-label uses of Tramadol.

Tramadol is also used for several other off-label purposes, like the management of panic disorder. Researchers have studied this opioid as an off-label treatment to relieve certain conditions other than pain. Its off-label uses may include;

  • Anxiety, panic disorder, and depression, primarily when related to pain
  • Restless legs syndrome
  • Premature ejaculation or impotence

A doctor can also prescribe Tramadol for other off-label purposes not given in this list.

What is panic disorder?

A panic attack is a sudden and intense feeling of terror, discomfort, or fear followed by other physical or mental symptoms. When dealing with a panic attack, you can find difficulty breathing, increased heartbeat, and excessive sweat. In some cases, during a panic attack, people also experience chest pain and may feel detached from themselves and reality. They think that they have a heart attack. People also reported experiencing strokes. 

Common Causes of panic attacks

Many factors can trigger your panic attacks. Stress, phobias, social events, or even driving can trigger your panic attack. According to some studies, panic disorder is the primary factor that may result in a panic attack. Certain traumatic events eventually cause the panic disorder. People experiencing panic attacks have the symptoms of panic disorder. It may feel like they will die at that moment. If you are dealing with the symptoms of panic disorder, talk to a professional to alleviate your mental burden.

Consulting a therapist is the best way to process your fear or stress. Symptoms of panic attacks

  • Excessive fear
  • Fear of losing control
  • Sweating and shaking
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Chest pain, dry mouth, and many more

How Tramadol helps manage panic disorder

In order to understand the mechanism of Tramadol, it is crucial to understand the pain. Pain is not a disease or disorder; it is a kind of message that informs our brain about something wrong happening in our bodies. These pain signals depart from the nerves and terminate in the brain.

Opioids like Tramadol interfere with and block these signals to produce instant pain relief. In addition, when taken for panic disorder, Tramadol works in the same mode. It affects the chemicals causing fear and helps manage panic episodes.

What are the risks of taking Tramadol for Panic disorder?

People who take Tramadol for panic disorder can also experience some of its side effects. The organs most commonly affected the Tramadol drug are the neuromuscular, central nervous system, and gastrointestinal.

The cardiovascular system, genitourinary, dermatologic system, endocrine, and visual system are also affected by Tramadol. The most prevalent Tramadol side effects are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, constipation, drowsiness, and headache. They usually occur during the initial treatment with Tramadol rather than maintenance doses of the drug.

Severe Tramadol side effects include respiratory depression, which can result in death. Due to the potential side effects of respiratory depression, patients must not use benzodiazepines, alcohol, or other CNS depressants at the same time. Concurrent use of Tramadol with these drugs can exacerbate respiratory depression and lead to death.

Bottom line: The best way to take Tramadol for panic disorder

The safe and best way to take Tramadol is to follow your medical professional’s instructions. Follow all the instructions on the prescription carefully. Never take this drug in more than the prescribed amount or for a prolonged time. Your medical professional will gradually increase the dose according to the effects of the medicine on your body.

Overdose and misuse of Tramadol for panic disorder may give you severe withdrawal symptoms. Take the pill as a whole without breaking, crushing, or chewing the medicine with plenty of water. Remove the orally disintegrating tablets from the packet only when you are ready to take them.

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